Sarki which means King in Hausa is a song with a perfect blend of the Hausa and English Language. A song that extols God in every way possible, as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
Sarki as finely produced by Freeniel himself  talks about the supreme power of God to change every bad situation one may face in life, it is a song everyone should listen to when you go through any challenge in life as it does the magic of uplifting your spirit and giving you a fresh reassurance on the efficacy in the name and power of Jesus.
Freeniel explains how this song ministers to him, “Sarki ministers to me in so many ways. For sure, whatsoever I face when I take just the chorus part of this song, the issue become resolved.  God is indeed the changer of Negativities.”



Chorus: kai ne sarki Kaine wuta , mai cinye dukan mayu
Verse 1/
the name Jesus is a strong tower righteous runs to it and he is save ,at the mention of name Jesus every knee most bow ,at the mention of name Jesus every Babalawo most bow at the mention of Jesus every sickness flee
Verse 2/
consuming fire, burning devilish intentions tongues of fire thats who you are ,you are the light that outshine the dark ,you are the power that creat the earth ,at the mention of name Jesus every knee most bow at the mention of name Jesus miracles break through begin to manifest

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