Gospel singer Jonathan McReynolds says he’s ready to give away $10,000 in college scholarships by Henry Talker
McReynolds, the gospel music singer-songwriter is to give $10,000 for scholarships, for those in need through his Elihu Nation nonprofit organization.
He made the announcement on
social media , letting students know they can submit their applications starting on July 1.
Some facts about Mc Revnolds
McReynolds started the Elihu Nation nonprofit in 2013 after being inspired by his graduate studies at the Moody Bible Institute where he earned a master of arts degree in applied biblical studies two years ago. After seeing what he believed to be a lack of encouragement for people in the African-American community to develop their
talents in college,
McReynolds went to his own undergraduate alma mater, Columbia College in Chicago, Illinois, where he became an adjunct.

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