Pastor Enoch Adeboye, the General Overseer of the
Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), has explained
why he has chosen to be humble despite his wealth and
Adeboye said he decided to humble himself because God
threatened to wipe him out if he dared raise his shoulders.
The soft-spoken preacher made this revelation at the just-
concluded Holy Ghost Congress of the church at the Redemption Camp in Ogun State.
During one of his sermons, the lecturer-turned cleric recalled his encounter with God after a power-packed crusade in Lekki, 1988 where God demonstrated how he would wipe him from the face of earth if he allows pride to enter into him.
He recalled the divine encounter with God thus, “After the programme, I returned to the Redemption Camp and soon proceeded on a prayer walk to thank God: “God I bless Your
Holy name, what a wonderful thing, etc.”
“It was between 2a.m. and 3a.m. when He spoke. I heard him say clearly, ‘Son, bend down’. I did that quickly because, you know, I was in the jungle. You never can tell; a witch could have been flying past.
“And then he said, ‘Draw the figure of a man in the sand.’
“I drew the figure of a man: zero for head, one line for the
body and two lines for the leg and so on. You know that kind
of drawing.
“God said, ‘Stand up.’
“I did, but by then I was afraid because I knew something
serious was happening.
He said, ‘Wipe out the figure you have drawn with your leg’.
“I wiped it out.
“That was what He told me. So, I smile when I hear people
say, ‘He’s a very humble man. How can a man be so
successful and be so humble?” You think I want to be wiped
out? As they say in Nigeria, “You think say I dey craze? Me I
no dey craze at all o.”

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