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Getting On The Right Wheels
…Promptness and Preparing Rightly
In This month of March i’ll be having for the very first time, a Discussion Series on Song Diffusion And Publicity.
It’s a series that exposes us to the basic elements required to publicize your song and have it trending on Top Blogs and social media platforms.
Today we begin the very first session of the series as we look at: Getting On The Right Wheels
Getting into promptness and preparing rightly.
It’s not Ok to plan without execution. Timeliness works in sync with other variables when it comes to song Publicity.
The Media is the trending platform for all marketing activities. The Internet is a platform bigger than the world, only a few people explore it. The chain is Internet – Media – Arts – Music
You have to be good in one to operate in the other.
The Media which is a part of Internet has over the years metamorphosed into what is fondly called “The Internet Brain Box” this is because, nothing passes through the Internet, without having some unit of the Media.
The trend of music over the years is a conglomeration of art, music and media. Yes or No, Exceptionalism is far from artists who fail to understand this basic facts.
For People in the music industry, The Internet is a platform for offline performances. If you pay less attention to it, it becomes a mess, and you get faced out. It’s a no joke arena! You’ve got to have some really good stuffs to offer and not just junks.
Because the Internet and Media  is open to everyone, it is also exposed to different contents – Good or Bad. If you’re to get on it, ensure that you put in a lot of work in your materials and all that is required to be relevant in it.
Frank Edwards (Gospel Artist) for the past ten years have been doing great stuffs. People look forward to his songs and albums on the Internet because of his consistency and commitment to be dropping Really “GOOD” sounds.
When you’re preparing to storm the Internet and Media with your song, be sure of what you want and how you want it. Professionalism comes with a lot of commitments and until you’re ready, you can’t maximize it.
From the build up before you hit the Studio, you’ll need to have a detailed Preference scale. This will help you scrutinized the activities you get involved in, and help you plan your expenditures.
The Preference Scale will help you know the kind of people to work with and the feasibility of your budget. Doing music is not cheap and it’s an investment with little or no returns.
What traditional artists do is they allow a lot of things on their minds when they about to release a single but The whole Concept of the Song, The Photoshoot Session, The Art Design, Publicity On Blogs, Etc, ought to have been planned from day one even before writing the song in most cases.
Conclusively, Know what you want and get informations on how to get it done. Excellence is not cheap, you’ll have to pay the price and get to the top.
Prepare on time, get every thing well planned and ensure that execution is always prompt. No one is successful without adequate preparation for greatness.

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