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Kristy Flames drops her first single of the year tagged ‘Open Heavens’.  The new single Open Heavens communicate the abundant rain of Our inheritance in Christ & was inspired by the spirit of Truth through the vision of the Night. If the cloud be full of rain, it shall empty itself,and as sons & daughters of Zion we avail ourselves for the overwhelming blessing of God, With the demonstration of his power and the release of his  glory.

Kristy Flames is a Kaduna based recording artiste and minister. The single is off her very many other songs to released later in the year. Kristy started her music journey very early  in her local church and has grown over the years to be voice to be reckoned with.

Open Heavens was produced by Emma Dada.



Song Lyrics

Our God,Has turn all situations around….Our God,Has made a way ,where there seems no Way,He has poured out His Blessings like the rain….Like the rain….Like the rain, O like the rain ee…Like the rain, like the rain…Over flow, in my life….Our God is mightyOur God is powerfulHoly & FaithfulWorthy & wonderful..He Has sent down Anointing….(Like the rain, like the rain, like the rain, o like the rain)Heaven is Open UpThe Glory of God is coming  down,Heaven is Open Up,The Glory of the Lord is coming downThere is Joy,.There is peaceThere is HealingIn Your nameThere is Health,There is wealth,There is sounds,Of abundance of Rain..There are miracles & wonders,Open doors & breakthroughIn Your namein Your nameLike the rain……I can see the Heavens Open…Over me…..I can hear the mighty waves Of His presence like the sea….I can feel the flow of His powerOver me….I can see the rain of His Glory..Falling down….Like the rain (*10)The spirit of the Lord is movingLike the windThe presence of the Lord is flowingLike the seaAnointing of the Lord is coming downLike the rainThe voice of the Lord the sound of thunders like the rain, like the rain.O let it rain (*8)Your favour has risenLike the rainYour blessings are coming downLike the rainYour liftings are coming downLike the rainYour breakthroughs are comingLike the rainO like the rain *4Healing rain, over flow, over flow, over flow, over flow. Like  the rain

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