Deborah Oyekola Releases Her Debut Single & Lyrics “IYE” produced by Adooc

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Nigerian rising gospel music artist, songwriter-composer, a true life worshipper, and preacher of the gospel, Deborah Oyekola has released her debut single entitled; IYE.

IYE (life) is an inspirational gospel song that tells the whole world that in Jesus Christ was life (IYE). IYE is the one that gave us assurance of heaven through eternal LIFE.

The life in question is the source of life, the way, the truth, the light of the world and the living water which gave us the ability, strength, the power to climb up every mountain.

IYE ninu aye mi, Mo ye ninu IYE re, and that is why I feel like to SHAKARA.

The song is produced by Adooc, Mixed & Mastered by Lovabu Mix. 

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Lyrics:Chorus:I feel like to SHAKARA,I have assurance of heaven,I feel like to SHAKARA,E eI have assurance of heaven. (2×)The joy in me,The life I have,The happiness I have,Is of life of Christ. (2×)

[REPEAT CHORUS] The Lord is my God,Is the hero in me,The Lord’s power,Is the hope I have. (2×).I’ve got ability,I have the power,I can climb up the mountains,I have the strength. (2×)Is the source of life,IyeIs the way the truth,IyeIs the light of the world,Iyethe living water. (2×)IyeIye ninu aye mi,IyeMo ye ninu iye re,IyeIye to gbemiro o,IyeThe living water,Iye.

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