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Ephesians 4:18 makes us understand that a darkened understanding and blindness of heart flows from ignorance and can alienate us from the life of God. Ignorance can make us live as if Christ Jesus died in vain, as if God lied to us. Ignorance can make people ask us where is our God? But that devil is a liar! Once the eyes of our understanding becomes enlightened, we take the right steps, do the right things that births testimonies and creates impact.

The song Enlightened flowed from deep longings for the necessary quickenings and enablements of the Spirit that we must receive to furnish the sustenance of a particular kind of consciousness for our undeniable dominance upon the earth.

This song flows in consonance with the Pauline prayers which we need to engage continually in order to receive the divine assistance that will sponsor our alignment to the purposes of God on the earth.

If we must reign in this life, the eye of our understanding must be enlightened to see who we have become in Christ as a result of what He did for us in His death, burial, resurrection and enthronement.

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Jonathan Yohanna Started singing in what was then called the junior choir in 1993 and have been privileged to lead the saints of God to the throne of God in several places.

He has an unwavering passion to see God and His Spirit revealed in deep and heart felt worship.

He is a trained Microbiologist working with a multinational organization in the renewable energy sector.

He is married to his pretty wife Hira Jonathan, they are blessed with A godly seed, Bernice. Together they serve God in Dunamis Voice Kano.

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Youtube: Minister Jonathan Yohanna
Facebook: Jonathan Ezekiel Yohanna
Instagram: Jonathan Yohanna

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