No Limit – Sis Monisayo Komolafe

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Sis Monisayo Komolafe has released an inspiring and encouraging song tittle No Limit, its a song that wil boost your faith in the lord that no matter the level you are now Jesus Christ is ready to set you above all limitation. 

Sis. Monisayo Komolafe is a Born again Christian (1992), an Anointed Song writer, Music Minister with a rare Grace. She started ministering in the Church Choir from 1993 January till date. She also  led the team in releasing an album for the church in Oranfe, Ife, Foursquare Gospel Church district HQ (year 2000).She also led the team in releasing an album for Osogbo District HQ. Foursquare Gospel Church. She is now the South West Regional music Director of Foursquare Gospel Church in Nigeria Monisayo Komolafe draws her inspiration from the word of God. Her goal in the music ministry is to inject the Gospel (Good news) into this Generation and the ones to come. She has released a Gospel Single title Apata Ayeraye (Rock of Ages). She has touched many lives in the Kingdom with her music ministry.

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No more limit for me I’m soaring high on eagle’s

Wing I’m diving/riding high above the storm I soar in the spirit1. The Holy spirit sustains me by His Grace By His great Grace I  scale over every odd The Holy Spirit strengthens my spirit Therefore, No more limit I’m a line crosser No more limit I’m a barrier breaker No more limit’ cause I soar In the spirit2. The Holy spirit  keeps me in the storm, By the Spirit I lay aside every weight The holy spirit awaken my spirit Therefore, No more limit, I’m a line crosser No more limit, I’m a barrier breaker No more limit Cause I soar in the spirit

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