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Gospel vocalist and songwriter, Esther Ephraim explores highlife music in this new single titled “Amanam” produced Dr Roy.

Delivered in Efik and Ibibio Language [a language majorly spoken in Akwa Ibom state and neighbouring communities in the Southeastern Region of Nigeria], “Amanam” translates to mean “God has done well” in the English language.

As the year 2020 winds down and the world sets to welcome the new year, offering thanks to God for his protection and provision during the year becomes paramount.

This is a song of Thanksgiving, a song fitting to take the world and ready everyone for the blessings of the coming year, 2021.

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Lyrics: Amanam By Esther Ephraim

Ayoyoyo Ayoyoyo
Abasi mmi Amanam o
Abasi mmi Amanam o
Abasi mmi Amanam oBoh Itoro(2x)

Abasi mmi Amanam oAbasi mmi Amanam oAbasi mmi Amanam o
Boh Ekom boh Itoro
Kini Ntide Mfon Obong
Kini Nsede Nnasia ye ufien
Ibiaha Siba Nte enye
Ufan Ibaha Siba Nte enye o
Abasi Amanam Aboho
Boh Itoro oNmekpeda nmong Ekom Udua
Nmekpedeb Uwem nkpeda nmong okuk

Ima mfo, ima mfo, Ima mfo
Amanam Amanam Aboho
Abasi Amanam AbohoBoh Itoro o

Chorus (4x):
Itoro Eyene fi o
Andinam mi Nkud Usen Nfin o
Andinam mi Ndu Emem o
Boh Itoro
Akara Eyong, Nkara Isong
Afo Ubiagha ke Owo o
Afo Unamke se Owo Akerede
Boh Itoro o
Edidem o
Edidem boh Itoro (2x)
Boh Itoro o
Chai eh
Edidem mi di boh Itoro
Edidem mi di boh Itoro
Amanam o
Repeat Chorus

Abasi o boh Itoro o
Amanam Aboho
Nkana mbad abah
Toh toh keuyen mmi o
Nmokud Mfon Fo
Awawak ke Idem mmi oOtomo Abokoh
Abasi mmi o

Anieowo Atiente Afo o

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