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Award winning international Gospel music minister and phenomenal songwriter Ema Onyx the See How Far and You No Dey Use Me Play crooner is set to start this year with a new song “Show Up”
Tribulations and trials of life may seem to look overwhelming and sometimes take us into the deep but at the appearance of Jesus, the situation is swallowed up and our victory secured.
Peter, Paul, The woman with the issue of blood and a whole list of others recorded in the Bible experienced victory in the time of help when Jesus showed up.
The Jesus who did it then is still the same and his showing up in your life will put to silence every challenging situation.
Show up which was produced by Abuja based producer Sunny Pee came alongside a music video shot by Kliff Direct.
Download, listen and pray alongside this song and expect Jesus to show up in your case.

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Jesus I need you right now

Show up

Show up

Jesus show up

Show up

Show up

Show up in my case oh
Bulie Eze

Arise up for my sake

Gulie Eze

Do what no man can do

Jesus show up oh

Eze Kulie, kulie

Arise, arise, arise for my sake

Do what no man has done

Kulie nibu dike
Speak what no man can speak oh

Kulie nibu dike Touch my life once more Bulie Eze

Hear my cry oh Lord oh God Have mercy on me Jesus Cause I have no one to run to
Show up (Jehovah show up oh) Show up (My world needs you right now) Jesus show up (I need you like never before)Show up (Eze show up, Eze show up)Show up (Ebilakikalamo)Show up in my case oh

Jehovah show up oh

Show up (In you I live oh God oh)

Show up Jesus show up (My life depends on you)

Show up

Show up Show up in my case Jehovah Show up

Show up (Metumakagi oh)Jesus show up Jehovah (Metumakagi)

Show up (Touch me Jesus)

Show up (I need your help oh)

Show up in my case oh You never fail, you never lie You never promise and fail (What you say is what you do) You’re the only option (My only option)

Show up You never promise and fail (Jesus you never fail, you never lie)You’re the only option (What you say is what you’ve done oh)

Show up I need you like never before, My world needs you Jesus  You never promise and fail (Jesus show up)You’re the only option (I depend on you)Show up (I rely on you Jesus)

You never promise and fail You’re the only option Show up 
Show up Jesus show up Show up Jesus show up Jesus (I depend on you)Show up in my case oh (My world needs you right now)

Jesus (I need your help Jesus)

Show up in my case oh
Show up Jesus show up oh Show up My strength has failed me oh Jesus Show up in my case oh (I depend on you oh)Jesus (I rely on you oh)

Show up in my case oh

I need you Jesus oh God Have mercy Jesus Show up oh

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