HALLELUJAH – Oke David aka D’Praise

by favouriteemusic

A Praise and Worship music minister, Olamilekan David aka D’Praise is out with a new single titled “HALLELUJAH”.
The song talks about the Happenings in the world today. Everyone is looking for solutions, still the wisest wisdom of the world has found no solution. Praise be to God Almighty, the one with all the answers we seek.
D’Praise’s Strong, Persuasive yet soothing vocals drives the theme of this song. The lyrics stirs the listeners to stand in awe of God’s supremacy and solutions to the happenings in the world.

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Lyrics:Happenings in the worldShows you are GodFoolish things are use toconfound the wiseYou are God of all fleshYou are highly lifted upHappenings in the world shows you are Godfoolish things are use to confound the wiseYou are God of all fleshYou are highly lifted up
Chorus:Hallelujah you are GodHallelujah our God reignsHallelujah you are worthy to be praiseYou are the answer to the world (2x)
Repeat the verse and the chorus:
Special part:
We come before your thrownOh God we pant for moreThis longing thirst for youOh lord come take your place (2x)

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