Gaza Danladi – Padi

by favouriteemusic

Gaza Danladi drops yet another single and a viral video ending the year with an urban street gospel song he titles ‘PADI’. The song talks about the love relationship he shares with God who he here refers to as ‘PADI’ a pidgin slang that means “friend”, as God is to us.

This tune and lyrics are delivered as though sung to a significant other but the depth of the lyrics leaves so much to ponder on when you grasp the extent of the confession, assurance and love security that this love entails, obviously not just the kind you can be that confident of from another human being amongst other notable highlights of the song.

The song is produced by Abuja based producer Shenomagain and mixed and mastered by Sammix.
This tune is an infectious, lively and energetic tune you’re bound to enjoy.
Go stream ‘PADI’ now…

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