IT ALL BELONGS TO YOU – Edward Amponsah

by Mercy Selina

Edward Amponsah is out with a new single to start up the year 2021 with. Song titled IT ALL BELONGS TO YOU. Finely crafted by the dexterous hands of ace producer Tobass Adolphus.

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LYRIC: IT ALL BELONGS TO YOUMy heart belongs to YouMy soul belongs to YouMy mind belongs to YouBelongs to You

ChorusIt All belongs to You 3xBelongs to You

BridgeI give my myself to You LordI give my all to You LordI surrender 4xMake me over 4x

Social media Handles:
Facebook: Edward Amponsah. Twitter: @edwardfamponsah.
Instagram: @edwardfrimpongmponsah. YouTube: Edward Amponsah

Contact information:
Email: [email protected]
WhatsApp: +447444938918 (UK)

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