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JESUS POWER is a song that tell us more about the potency of what Jesus power can do.

About the Writer:
John Smart William is the Snr Pastor of Trinity International Christian Centre – TICC Worldwide, with its Int’l Headqtrs in the city of Parma – Italy. 
He is not just a writer, preacher & teacher of the word but also a singer & author of several songs such as Heavenly Race, True God, Highly Lifted, I Just Can’t Tell (Arugbo ojo), Hallelujah (All I’ve Got To say), Lifted Praise, etc. He specialises more on his own genre/brand of music called ‘Afrolypso’. This song, “JESUS POWER” is an Afrolypso Afrobeat song composed & written by Pst John Smart William via divine inspiration.

DOWNLOAD Music: Pst John Smart William – Jesus Power. Here’s an Easter blessing, a powerful song. Talking about the name of Jesus, it’s a name above every other names, a name above every situations, a name that answers to whosoever call it, JESUS.

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 Dada dada dada dada dada dada dadaDada dada dada dada daCALL: Jesus power, na super-power eehRESP: Jesus power, na super-powerCALL: Jesus power, na super-power No.1 E be oRESP: Jesus power, na super-power  VERSE:Even for heaven, na that name dey reignFor the world na the name dey reignUnder the earth, na that name dey reingIf you call Am anywhere, na victory you must getWhen the devil hear the name E dey bow and run awayDemons and sickness hear the name, dem go bow and run awayAny time you call Am by faith solution you must get oBecause that name Jesus carry-oRESP: Father Son and Holy GhostCALL: Anytime you call AmRESP: He go answerCALL: Anywhere you call AmRESP: He go answerBecause that name Jesus carry-oh oh ohRESP: Jesus power dey  CALL: Jesus power, na super-power No.1 E be oRESP: Jesus power, na super-powerCALL: My Jesus power, na super-power No.1 E be eh-ehCALL: The name of the Lord is a Strong Tower,The righteous runs into it and they are saveRESP: Jesus power, na super-power
 When I call the nameSatan fall & bowWhen I speak in tonguesIn the name of JesusSatan scatter aboutAnd confuse and failureShabalabalabalabalaba lolo…-lololololololo (Tongues)  CALL: Who is King of kings?RESP: Na JesusCALL: Who can heal the sickRESP: Na JesusCALL: name above all nameRESP: Na JesusCALL: Who can raise the dead?RESP: Na JesusCALL: The name above all nameRESP: Na JesusCALL: Who can open blind eyes?RESP: Na JesusCALL: power dey the nameRESP: Na JesusCALL: The name of the Lord is a Strong DefenceAnd those who trust in Him shall not be put to shame CALL: Who is Prince of peace?RESP: Na JesusCALL: Who can give you joy?RESP: Na JesusCALL: Who can give you happiness?RESP: Na JesusCALL: And wipe away your tears?RESP: Na JesusCALL: Lift you when you down?RESP: Na JesusCALL: Jesus nor dey failRESP: Na JesusCALL: He is always there for youRESP: Na JesusCALL: Call on Jesus nowRESP: Na JesusCALL: Why not call on Him todayRESP: Na JesusCALL: When I call on HimPower comes aliveIn the name of JesusWe’ve got victory yeah!Na Who be the KING of kings and LORD of allRESP: Na Jesus

PRODUCER: Kaystrings

EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Pst John Smart William

LABEL: J Sim Wils


EMAIL: [email protected].
FACEBOOK PAGE: Pst John Smart William
INSTAGRAM: Pst John Smart William
TWITTER: pastorJohnticc

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