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John Adoyi, a graduate of Mechatronics Engineering, a music director (MD), and a praise and worship leader known for his unique style of worship, filled with ever increasing presence of God drops his debut single titled UKPAHI OJO (The Power of God).
The song gives a deeper insight of who God Is and what He is capable of doing. There’s no thought that the power of God has no end as we can see Him proving Himself in many instances in the bible (Num23:19). One thing that is constant from Genesis to Revelation is how God paves way for His people to scale through challenges and persecution, therefore there’s nothing that we go through that is above God. Worship God with this song and see how your life is transformed.



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What is above You, is definitely above all

What can create You, the uncreated God

Who do You hear from, who do You take instruction from

Who guides You, all powerful God

You hear Hannah, You hear Sarah

You parted the red sea, You walk upon the waters

You heal the sick, You raise the dead, You calm the stormy sea

Powerful God, eh powerful God


               Ukpahi Ojo is more than enough 2x

Ukpahi Ojo is more than enough 2x

You send down fire, You slew the prophet of Baal

You are always ready, willing to hear Your people

What is the source, the source of Your power

What is the source, the source of Your strength

Where is Your training ground

Oh where is your training ground

Ever ready, ever willing to hear our plea

Powerful God, eh powerful God



Ukpahi ye, Ukpahi Ojo 6x (The power of God)

Response             Ga-bai-du 10x (Your majesty)

Call        Angels bow before your presence

Demons tremble at your presence

Mountains melt just like wax

At the mention of Your name

No trial is strong enough, strong enough to bring me down

Greater is He who dwells in me, than he who lives in the world

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Fidelis Adoyi May 1, 2019 - 6:23 am

This is awesome. The power of God is more than enough. God bless you and take you higher in Jesus name

CathyOmaEkpa May 12, 2019 - 6:44 am

God be praised!

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