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Toye Ademola is on a mission to raise a generation of UPRIGHT and EXCELLENT leaders in the CHURCH as well as in the MARKETPLACE!
The Church and our World are in serious need of WELL-BALANCED and WELL-ROUNDED leaders. There’s a dire need of Comprehensive Trailblazers who aren’t just INNOVATIVE, but they are also full of INTEGRITY.
God wants you to be a PACE-SETTER and ROLE-MODEL, who doesn’t just lead by your EXPERTISE, but you also lead by your good and Godly EXAMPLE! Because there’s much more to LEADERSHIP than merely LEADING a team or an organization.
Most importantly, leadership is about you LEAVING A LEGACY that’ll keep on inspiring others and impacting the world for generations to come! No matter who you are, whether you hold a leadership position in the church or in the marketplace, Dominion Leadership Summit International is SPECIALLY DESIGNED for you!
At the Summit:
• You’ll learn how to BUILD and GROW a WINNING TEAM!
• You’ll lay hold of the VITAL KEYS that you need to take your church or organization to your NEXT LEVEL of glory and success!
• You’ll discover how to MAKE and MAINTAIN DESTINY-ADVANCING Relationships which are extremely crucial to your success.
• You’ll be mightily EMPOWERED and EQUIPPED to be the COMPLETE and COMPETENT leader that beats the odds, and CONSISTENTLY gets RESULTS all the time!
Date: Saturday, July 21st, 2018
Venue: Hall of Grace, Jogor Event Centre, Off Liberty Road, Ibadan.
Time: 10am
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