Minista Chinedu - Baba Mi Ft. Dare Justified
After weeks of anticipation Nigerian gospel sensation, Minista Chinedu has finally dropped another hit single “Baba Mi” featuring one of Nigeria’s most sought after gospel artiste Dare Justified, to make the track a perfect fit.
“BABA Mi” is a song from just released Extended Play titled THE UNFAILING FATHER.
The song clearly depicts the need for God’s presence in every man’s life. A deep reflection on the single will no doubt confirm the essence of God’s presence in one’s life being all that is needed to fulfill purpose and to live in accordance to his will.
Minista Chinedu’s songs have always been a vehicle to inspiring, encouraging and motivating lovers of God’s kingdom and those who earnestly crave it.
The track was produced by Mr Soul.
We depend; we depend on you everyday, every hour.
Cos you are king over the universe,
so we’ve come to tell that we need you)
(All repeated twice)
Baba Mi o) 2ce
Ma wa pelumi o
Ma se da mi nu o)
chorus sung twice
Verse 2:
We cry out for your presence everyday, every hour) 2ce
Faithful God, faithful father, holy one; be our guide, be our shield, never leave us nor forsake us
We need you everyday, we need you every hour, Jesus the son of the living God. Jesu ni mo pe o
Chorus (till the end)
[Eulogy of God by Dare Justified]
Baba mi o, Olorun mi o, Jesu e…abi amo e ngbo gbe omo re ko ma ma ta ti we re
S’aanu mi ooo baba mi, s’aanu mi ooo Olorun mi
Oluwa o, bo ju wo le ko s’aanu fun mi, Jesu wa s’aanu fun mi, ge ge bi ife re Olorun, e Olorun o
S’aanu mi o, s’aanu mi o oooooooo
Jesu, Omo Dafidi(speaks in tongue)
Ah, Iwo lo s’aanu fun opo Zarephat Olorun,
O s’aanu fun Barthlomew afoju, O s’aanu fun Obediodom lo jo o jo si.
M’ase gba a gbe mi o o Olorun o, gb’oun e be mi.
Kabiesi o e bo ju wo le ko wa s’aanu fun mi oooooo
Di mi mu o, di mi mu oooooooooooooooooo
Gb’oun e be mi, gb’oun i gbe mi, s’aanu fun mi, Oluwa, ma maa fi mi si le Olorun, iwo ni mo ni ooooo.
e s’aanu mi o, e s’aanu mi oooo, Jesu s’aanu mi ee, di mi mu o, di mi mu ooooo
Back to chorus till it fades

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