Gospel artiste Victoria Smart debuts with the single “The Name of Jesus”.

The song is birthed out of a place of the revelation of the person of Jesus, with the understanding that anyone who meets and accept Jesus begins a new life of victory, success & Joy. In the midst of all the challenges, trials, pain, suffering and troubles, the only name who can bring you out of all is Jesus himself.

Victoria has dedicated her life to letting the world know who Jesus is and giving the opportunity to embrace this divine life through her songs.

Victoria Smart is a worshipper, wife, mother, radio host, songwriter, Hair therapist and international Gospel recording artist who has been graced as a voice to influence her world through Gospel Music. She has worked with several accomplished Nigerian artistes over the years. She has a passion and vision to make everyone one she meets fall in love with Jesus and to inspire you to worship.

The song promises to inspire, encourage and announce the saving, lifting and life-changing power in the Name of JESUS.

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The Name Of Jesus [LYRICS]


Beloved Brothers & Sisters in Christ
Believe in JESUS
Trust in His name
Live by His name
Meditate on that name
So that when you call that name, it will not sound like an ordinary JESUS
As the JESUS in whose name
Power beyound description
has been vested… Hallelujah! (Pastor Chris Oyakhilome PhD, DD)

Verse 1
No other God is real
No other God can Heal
No other one gave His life
That we may live ooo
Giver of life, Yes He is
He holds all power in His hands

No other Name X3
But the name of JESUS

Verse 2
At the mention of His Name
Demons bow
At the mention of His Name
Sickness bow
He walked on water
He opens blind eyes
He raised the dead
No other name can change any situation To a miracle,
Say Yeah

No other Name X3
But the name of JESUS
No other Name X3
But the name of JESUS

Nobody Greater
Nobody Stronger
Nobody Wiser like Him
Gave my life a meaning
Gave me victory
Nobody greater like Him

Nobody Greater
Nobody stronger
Nobody wiser like Him
Nobody Greater
Nobody stronger
Nobody wiser like Him

No other Name,
His name is the greatest
in Heaven and in earth
C’mon lift up your hands and bless the name of the most high God
No other name like JESUS

The name of JESUS is a strong tower
To everyone who runs into it
You can trust the name of Jesus
and come back with your miracle,
The name of JESUS

No other name, we lift your name God
We bless your Holy name
At the mention of your name
Everything bows yesss,
We lift your name up
We lift the banner of your name
The name of JESUS I know
is greater than every other name


Twitter: @victoriasmartR

Instagram: @officialvictoriasmart

Facebook: Victoria Smart London

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