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Ogobest (officially known as ogochukwu agurd) was born in onistha on august
27th 1987. She currently lives in united states of america, the third daughter
of cyprian  and anulika agurd from  anambra. Her primary school at
united primary school nkpor agu, and her secondary education in chambers
comprehensive high school oyibo and graduated from the department of micro
biology nsukka in (2010).
Ogobest’s musical journey started when she was five years old, singing with the
children choir, and at the age of 18  she started singing in alaba
international market any time they had prayer meetings later she began to
minister at crusades.
The agurd family has got music running in their veins. She got loads of
encouragement from her parents and siblings, she also was encouraged by mr
& mrs adamu omaulu,  and mr emake mobass and so many others to

Music as a profession:
ogochukwu agurd fully embrace professional musical recording and performance in
2018 when met her manager /producer mr emake mobass and when she connected with
kbkjnr of arkmuzik int’l.

ogobest has 5 recorded albums and she has featured in recordings and stage
performances in atlanta ga, usa.
Her goal is to see joy in the heart and faces of people through her music and

Album projects:

Wonderful praise – (2018)
showers of blessings – (2018)
marvelous god – (2019)              
live praise –  (2019)              


The steadfast love of the Lord never cease and He promised never to leave us nor forsake us. God is ever present in every situation and His everlasting love is expressed through His goodness in our lives.
Onye Amara OnyeNgozi meaning God of blessing in the IBO language (South East, Nigeria) is a powerful song of praise and worship by Ogobest Agurd which tells about the abundant blessings of our Heavenly Father towards us all.
This song is the first track of the praise medley from the album ‘Marvelous God’ which is available in major stores and platforms.
Sing, dance and be merry for ABBA Father is blessing you today.

Ogochukwu Agurd popularly known as OgoBest Agurd is a dynamic music minister, recording and performing artist based in Atlanta Georgia, USA.
As a praise and worship leader, her music resonates the rich afrocentric trado-highlife sound that would make you sing, dance and shout for joy.
She has five albums to her credit with great songs which has become a blessing to her fans all over Africa and in the USA.

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Onye Amara OnyeNgozi – Ogobest Agurd

Onye eze
(The king)
Onye ne menma Jesus
(You are doing good jesus)
Narekele ni nor rulugi
(Receive my praise)

N’ cheta gi owu nejum obi
(when I think of you my heart is full of joy)
Onye eze, onye amara mu
Onye ngozi

Verse 1:

N’ cheta iyoma i’nemere no
(when I think of the good things you have done for me)
Asimu norika
(It is too much)
Obu Ndu ki neyen Jesus
(for the life you gave)
Obi ezinunor kigi chomunma
Obu n’ dioma kineyen
(for the good husband you gave)
Nor bu oria gi na guwor
(for the sicknesses you’ve healed)
Mor bu ego ki ne yen Jesus
(for the money you gave)
Onye amara mu, onye ngozi
(God of grace, God of blessings)
N’gbem cheta nor lilayan guragu
(when I thought my hope is gone)
I’we olilayan nye mo
(you gave me hope)
Onye ne me nma Jesus
(you are doing good Jesus)
Daddy na re ekene
(daddy receive my praise)


Onye ne yen du
(giver of life)
Onye ne yen nwa
(giver of children)
Onye na gwor oria ana ego
(great healer)
Na re kene
(receive my praise)
Obu nwa ki ne yen Jesus
(is it the children you gave)
Obu ego ki ne yen
(is it the money you gave)
Obu ndu ki ne yen
(is it the life you gave)
Onye ebube mo.. Narekele
(the miraculous God receive my praise)


Onye ne me nma ka na tugi
(we call you good God)
O’Mara nma ma zularu
(the beautiful one)
Owa nuzor gi ma chukwu
(the way maker)
Ebube nor we gi chukwu
(the glory Himself)
Nwane kwotu woyen chukwu
(The only God)
Otiri pharaoh nmawu
(you defeated pharaoh)
Okwagi kewa oshimiri yeh
(You divided the red sea)
Onye ne me nma
(You are doing good)

Male verse:

Onowu cheta ifeoma ine me re mo
(when I remembered the good things you have done for me)
Na ni owu kam ne wezi
(I am always happy)
N’cheta oru i’na rulume
(when I think of your good works)
Ni ne zimnunor mo onye Mara me
(and your grace in my family)
Amagi mebe gem bidor
(I don’t know how to start)
Amagi mebe nga kusi
(I don’t know how to end)
Maka IBU onye amara mo ×2
(because you are the gracious God)
Jehovah jire bu odogwu
(Jehovah Jireh is great)
Awura wuru ndu bu odogwu
(the tree of life is great)
Ugu na kpu nwa bu odogwu
(the giver of children is great)
Isi ikendu bu odogwu
(The breath of life is great)
Okwere kwan meya bu odogwu
(Promise keeper is great)
Onye na bi ozor bu odogwu
(the soon coming king is great)
Onye amara me, onye ngozi
(the gracious God, God of blessings)

Female verse:

Oru ina ru .. Ka gi akpo gi onye amara, onye ngozi
Okuwa gi ne ye miri ozizoh
(you cause it rain)
We ye nmadu ni le…chim
(To rain on everyone)
Awu ana wa, ana wa ne ezigbo nmadu ma ajor nmadu
(the sun shines on both the good and bad people)
Maka ni bu, Ibu onye amara chim
(Because you are the God of grace)
Maka ni bu, IBU onye obi ebere
(Because you are merciful God)
Idi ele anya niru ni ngozi
(You don’t look at the face of man before blessing them)
Onye choru ngozi ki na gozi
(You bless who so ever you chose to bless)

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