Recap Tweets Of MacNuel Davids Music Traces @macnueldavids The Music, Our Mindset; Today, We’ll get to see how your mindset influences or affects your sound and kind of music. Feel free to always tweet at me, retweet, share, comment, like, ask questions and contribute. I’m your resource, Use me. We are Set?! Lets Ride! Aside music being a blend of Notes and Chords using diverse instruments including vocal delivery. Music is an art, that conveys and expresses our personality, thoughts, ideas and Mindset in a rhythmic way. From the first note played on a song, to the last stroking of the snare, your idea & mindset finds expression on the song. This mindset that transcends into the song is sometimes also brought about by the producer’s idea about genres which is always limited. In some songs, you get to have multiple mindsets trying to dominate from the artistes zone or the producers’. Except when you have an artist do a song not written or composed by him/her, you get to have a feel of the mindset behind the song from the lyrical content. As an artist, what you do, what you listen to, where you go, and generally your ideology about life replicates in the songs you sing regardless of the genre of the song you’re doing. The style of A genre of music can never be changed. What is always usually changed is the mindset & approach of the artist on the song. That is what brought about AfroPop. Where you have a feel of the African rhythm blending with the ancient Pop music making it contemporary. You can’t have Jim Reeves do a rendition of Amazing Grace like Michael W. Smith. This is because the mindset behind their style of music which has metamorphosed into what we call contemporary today. Just same way you can’t have 50cent do RNB like R.Kelly. The point is this; The music itself does not change. What changes is our mindset to do the same music in a better and unique way. That is what makes it contemporary. if the music does not change but the mindset, it’s the duty of the artist & the producer to constantly develop what they feed on & In the process this bring about the creativity of the artist, which the producer then translates into the “creating” the song. Now How can the right mindset even be developed? -Constant Periodic Rehearsals -Exploration -Believing in your vocal capabilities -Feeding on Ethical Things -Being true to your sound -Being dedicated to creating your niche As we draw to a conclusion, NOBODY CAN SOUND LIKE YOU, YOU CANT SOUND LIKE ANYONE! Just like how Rome wasn’t build in a day, You can’t sound like Celine Dion or Adele in a day. This is only achievable through constant rehearsals. Nobody is a bad singer from birth. You only become a bad singer when you don’t rehearse and you don’t prioritize singing as a part of your “craft”! This is also a mindset that needs to be realigned. We have come to the end of today’s conversation. I trust you are enlightened & would put to work what we discussed. Don’t forget Rome wasn’t built in a day & if they had tried to, it would have crashed. The more you Change & Develop your mindset, The Better you get! #MusicTraces

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