Tonia Omoh, a seasoned gospel artist with over 20 released songs and 2 decades of experience in the music industry, has dropped a new single titled “You Know Me You Dey Do Me”. The track is a powerful battle song that encourages listeners to engage in warfare prayers and back-to-sender battles.

With over 3 million streams worldwide and a strong reputation for soul-inspiring, worshipful music, Tonia Omoh delivers yet another powerful message with this high-tempo track. The song is a declaration of victory over the wickedness of our enemies, reminding us that there is already confusion in their camp.

As you listen to this battle song, be encouraged to fight the good fight of faith and to stand firm in your spiritual battles. Let the power of the lyrics and the uplifting tempo fill you with strength and courage to overcome every obstacle that comes your way. “You Know Me You Dey Do Me” is a must-listen for anyone seeking to engage in spiritual warfare.

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