MUSIC: Ify Nwosu – You Are My God

Nigerian renowned worship leader, singer and song writer ‘Ify Nwosu’ drops a brand new spirit-filled single, titled: “You Are My God”. The song ‘You Are My God’ is by all standard next to none, produced by ‘Progenitor Sapele Records Limited’, Port Harcourt Nigeria. Download, enjoy and share


IFEOMA NWOSU is a Gospel Minister, a Nigerian based gospel Song Writer and Singer. Ifeoma Ujunwanne Nwosu ( Nee Agbanusi) a Native of Nnewi in Anambra State is naturally gifted with ministering through songs. Among the numerous note of songs she has released her debut album in 2016 titled “MY WORSHIP TO GOD” and recently released the second album titled “Unlimted Grace” a wave making album. The current track “YOU’RE MY GOD” in unlimited grace is by all standard next to none, produced by PROGENITOR SAPELE RECORDS LIMITED Porthercourt, Nigeria. Mrs Ify Nwosu is an exceptional vocalist as she is fondly called; and she is usually a cynosure of guests at every music outing. This is by the reason of her “Melodious voice”. A Beloved wife to Prince Nnabike Edwin Nwosu Esq. a Legal Practitioner based in Lagos state Nigeria. Her debut album was launched with pomp and pageantry in 2016. In the same 2016, she signed a record deal with “MEKDON RECORDS LTD” Lagos Nigeria. And the title was “MY WORSHIP TO GOD”. Ify Nwosu’s reigning and current album “Unlimited Grace” was launched in 2017. A gospel evangelistic music directed to the winning of souls. This latest album is produced by PROGENITOR SAPELE RECORDS LIMITED, PORT-HARCOURT, Nigeria. Ifeoma and her beloved husband BARISTER NNABIKE NWOSU are blessed with 5 children. Sister Ify Nwosu is the fonder of “Heart of Gratitude Foundation” a charitable organization based in Lagos State Nigeria. For programs, live performance and more information about Ify Nwosu Call: 08033723122, 07085632578

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Gospel singer and songwriter, Lily is out with her brand new single after the release of her debut single “Father You Are Great”  this new tune is  titled “Just A Word”

Just a word was inspired by the Holy Ghost, God gave lily this song in a time of her life when she needed a positive transformation to change everything around her. And she knew that she needed “just a word” from him to cause that change she  desires and it also dawned on her  that if God could change her then she  can make her  world a better place by imparting lives positively.

Friends your world is your family, is your business, is your ministry, is your relationship and so on and the reason why you were born is to cause a positive change in every affair of your life because that’s God’s will for you. Remember he said in psalm 82:26 that you are Gods and the children of the most high, meaning you have the power to change anything around you. The  word of God works and is quick to cause a change.  Lily



Solo : A word from you, I’m changed.

A touch from you I’m whole.( sang twice).

I’m changed, changed, changed I’m  changed I’m changed for Christ, I’m born to change my world,

I’m whole, whole whole I’m whole I’m whole and strong, I’m strong to spread the word. ( sang repeatedly)

Bridge: I’m changed, changed for Christ, I make things work…….

I’m changed, changed for Christ I am called. ( Sang repeatedly).

New Music: Go with me – Jennie | Prod. By DrSirMe

Moses said to Him, “If your presence does not go with us, do not lead us up from here -Ex 30:15. Scripture is clear that all of life is about being in God’s presence. This is why David proclaims, “in your presence, there is fullness of joy, at your right hand are pleasures forevermore” (Psalm 16:11). Going with God’s presence in life’s journey is all that really matters. This is exactly the message this song depicts.

The lyrics of “Go With Me” talks about how helpless we are without God and how our walk without Him will be fruitless, futile and filled with frustration. In our trying times, He is our source of comfort and the thought that He is with us keeps us going.

Here’s Jennie’s thought on the song, “the motivation came from Matt 28:20, His mercy and grace saw me through some trying times and I came out strong. I was beaten and battered, shattered and broken, but His ever-abiding presence was my comfort”



A new dawn

David while extolling Yahweh in 2 Sam 23:3-5 says “The God of Israel said, The Rock of Israel spoke to me, ‘He who rules over men righteously, Who rules in the fear of God, 4 Is as the light of the morning when the sun rises, A morning without clouds, When the tender grass springs out of the earth, Through sunshine after rain.’ 5 “Truly is not my house so with God? For He has made an everlasting covenant with me, Ordered in all things, and secured; For all my salvation and all my desire, Will He not indeed make it grow?….” A new dawn signifies a fresh start while erasing the past troubles and pains. This song describes that fresh start and proclaims all the promises of God as our heritage in Christ. A New Dawn is a sneak peek into her album which is scheduled for release soon.

Themmy expresses her inspiration for this song in these words ”After going through a lot and holding on to the Love of my Creator, from the depth of His Inspiration, He has given me a new song to celebrate my new dawn…”


Also anticipate the realease of Agbanilagatan from Themmy soonest.


DOWNLOAD MUSIC: EmaGrace – Praise

Emagrace Releases New Single Titled “Praise”. He is a singer songwriter and music minister serving with the house on the rock benin church he hays from Auchi in Edo state Nigeria.
A graduate of Benson idahosa university and the vision bearer/Ceo Emagracemusic.

Praise is a song of gratitude to a God who is forever faithful to His people. It is the 4th single from the stables of Emagracemusic From He loves you , Shake it off,  Ikechukwu and now #Praise.

In this song Emagrace calls out to all those who are grateful enough to give God the Praise he deserves to come out and Bless him as Lord. Let us all build God a temple of Praise as a nation and as a people and let’s see Yahweh turn things around for our good.



Verse 1
In the continent of Africa in our country called Nigeria,  specifically this very moment, time has come for us to Bless the Lord…
Response: Bless the Lord.
In the continent of Africa in our country called Nigeria,  specifically this very moment, time has come for us to lift him high…  ( lift him high)
V:for he is the one that paints the skies at night with the colors we Love and stars so bright so let’s bless his name in a very special way let us lift him high…

So now every body move your body, move your body nice and slow, you can move your hand or move your legs nod your head or shake your waist and

( say God thank you
Response: Halle Halle,  V: lord we praise you.
Response: Hallelujah 3x)

Chorus : Yahweh we give you praise…Yahweh we give you praise today oh oh( 3X)

Verse 2
Let us gather round to celebrate celebrate and jubilate and thank God for the gift of redemption come on every body thank the Lord…
Let us gather round to celebrate celebrate and jubilate and thank God for the gift of salvation come every body bless the Lord
Response : Bless the Lord.

(enter prechorus/ chorus)

Lead: one two buckle my shoe
Three four step on the dance floor
Five six give Him Praise…
Dance and give him Praise.

MUSIC/VIDEO: Kaestrings – LOVE

The song LOVE talks about Gods unfailing love for us his children, how despite our unfaithfulness He still finds a way of showing us LOVE, this song is lased with an hausa chorus which says “What have a done to deserve Your LOVE, Whats worth more than thanks is what i would give You”

Kaestrings born Kingsley Innocent is a Northern Based Gospel Artist, who became popular with his single “Gashinan” which became an anthem at the Hallelujah Challenge hosted on Instagram by Nathaniel Bassey. Kaestrings is an Undergraduate of Fine Arts at Ahmadu Bello University Zaria and also a Member of the Koinonia Worship Team Zaria.

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