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[News] Gospel Icons Africa Launches Platform for Emerging Christian Artists


Gospel Icons Africa (GIA), the organizers of a talent show, are all set to discover and promote the next generation of Christian artists, offering them a significant platform to showcase their talents.

Gospel Icons Africa have announced exciting prizes for the competition, which kicks off this month. The grand prize includes N10 million, a car, a two-year record deal, and an all-expenses-paid trip to Jerusalem for the winner. Additionally, other winners can expect rewards such as cash prizes, musical instruments, and iPhones.

Segun Oluwayomi, the Chief Operating Director of GIA, highlighted the unique aspect of their reality show, stating, “GIA reality show is distinctive in its focus on nurturing kingdom stars. We have seasoned gospel music veterans who will mentor the contestants throughout their journey.”

Furthermore, he emphasized the transformative aspect of the program, stating, “Everyone who engages with us is bound to undergo positive change. The competition is structured in phases, with the initial phase involving online registration on our website, www.gospeliconsafrica.com, and the submission of a 30-second singing video.”

He added, “Afterward, our panel of selected music veterans will conduct video auditions, and successful participants will progress to the live show.”

Esther Oladeji, the Managing Director of GIA, highlighted the spiritual dimension of the show, stating, “This platform aims to connect true worshippers with God and uplift humanity.”

She expressed the show’s purpose, saying, “Our mission is to please God, and by following His guidance, we are establishing a framework that aligns with His vision for genuine Gospel music in Africa. We also aim to provide emerging Gospel artists with a significant platform to shine.”

Bamidele Martins, Chief Executive Director of GIA, emphasized the empowerment aspect of the competition, stating, “This competition serves as a means of empowerment for budding Gospel singers, both amateurs and professionals alike.”

For those interested in participating, Bamidele Martins encouraged them to visit the event’s website at www.gospeliconsafrica.com, upload their 30-second video, and anticipate feedback within a few days.

Sounds of Salem – Holy Ghost I Need You


The ethereal melodies of Sounds of Salem’s timeless gospel hymn, “Holy Ghost, I Need You,” are sure to stir the soul. The sheer power of the human voice combined with unwavering faith creates a musical experience that transcends boundaries and touches hearts.

With each heartfelt lyric and every powerful note, Sounds of Salem implores the Holy Ghost to descend and provide guidance, solace, and rejuvenation to the weary hearts and searching souls of listeners worldwide.

This beautifully executed composition showcases the vocal finesse and sheer talent of each member. It also encapsulates the essence of gospel music’s ability to evoke profound emotions and inspire spiritual introspection.

Indeed, “Holy Ghost, I Need You” encapsulates the very spirit of devotion and the timeless quest for divine connection that resonates universally with believers and non-believers alike. It is an unforgettable auditory experience that will leave you feeling uplifted and inspired.

Ngozi Okoh – Moment of Worship (Spontaneous Spiritual Worship)


Suitable for devotion, special personal retreat and hunger to experience divinity is a new spontaneous and prophetic worship moment with Ngozi Okoh. The collection of songs will stir up a deep passion for worship and experience the powerful presence of God. This session is one of many to come.

Ngozi Okoh is a Nigerian songwriter, singer and music coach of repute. She has to her discography songs like Ezi Chimo, Ibu Chi M, Idi Ebube Jehovah and many others. She has some very beautiful videos on her YouTube channel. As we journey into the remaining part of the year and years ahead brace up for more spiritual sounds coming from her.

The spontaneous moment was recorded and produced at Nugees Studio Abuja.



Lily Perez – Eyin Nikan (You Alone)


After releasing a beautiful piece ‘HALLELUYAH (ETOBI)’ from her soon-to-be-released project, the Evidence Album live project, Lily Perez shares a new sound ‘Eyin Nikan'(You Alone). This song is a sound of total adoration and surrender to God. Lily’s sound is lyrically focused on drawing men closer to God and experiencing love through His eyes.
‘Eyin Nikan’ is a reminder that through life’s journey, God has been faithful and consistently good.

When we think about all he has done, with surrendered hearts, bended knees and lifted hands we say ‘Eyin Nikan logo ye”

Lily Perez is a prolific songwriter, singer and music director with great songs like Amazing God, Invade My Space and many more.




Hannah Idowu (Devotional) – In The Secret Place by


“In the secret place” you will experience a refuge from the chaos of life, finding solace in His presence. In the sacred space, you will discover that God is not a distant being, but one who longs to engage in a personal relationship with us. He welcomes us into His embrace, offering peace, comfort, and wisdom that surpasses all understanding.

It might be all too easy to overlook the secret place in the craziness of our everyday lives and let our spiritual nutrition dwindle. In this devotional, you will discover that setting aside time to be in His presence has enormous advantages for our spirits, our relationships, and every facet of our lives.

Whether you are a seasoned believer or just beginning your spiritual journey, this devotional is designed to meet you where you are and guide you closer to God’s heart.

It will serve as a catalyst for a lifelong journey of seeking and knowing God more and as a reminder that our relationship with Him is not limited to a book or a specific number of days but a continual activity that offers excellent joy, serenity, and contentment.

“In the secret place,” you will find strength, guidance, and transformation.


Hannah Idowu is a Gift Curator, podcast show host and content creator. Founder of a charity that provides aid and support to individuals and communities suffering from neglect in the Northern part of Nigeria.
She was born in 1981 in Lagos, Nigeria but now lives in London, United Kingdom. She is a Mum of four, an enthusiastic singer and an intercessor.

She loves to talk about her faith in God and encourages others on emotional and spiritual wellness. She also enjoys offering first-time mothers mental and emotional support in the initial weeks after giving birth to help them recover fast from the strain of caring for their newborns.


Album: Liatu Aweh – Yabo Hills


Nigerian Gospel singer Liatu Aweh has unveiled her latest project, an Extended Play (EP) titled “Yabo Hills,” which translates to “Praise Hills” in the Hausa language spoken in the northern part of Nigeria.

“Yabo Hills” is a collection of contemporary praise songs that are presented in both English and Hausa languages. The EP features a fusion of urban and Afrocentric musical styles, with a touch of pop undertones that create an engaging and vibrant musical experience.

One of the standout features of the EP is the cross-cultural blend of English and Hausa languages in the songs. This adds a unique touch to the project, allowing it to reach a broader audience and celebrate the diversity of Nigeria’s cultures.

Some of the highlighted tracks from the EP include “Sarai, Sarai (Remix),” “Mai Ceto Na,” and “God of Power.” These songs not only showcase Liatu Aweh’s vocal prowess but also demonstrate her ability to infuse various musical influences to create a dynamic sound.

Liatu Aweh’s musical journey began at a young age, fueled by her deep faith and passion for singing. Growing up in a Christian household, she found solace and strength in Gospel music, and over the years, she has developed a unique style that reflects her multicultural background and influences.

With “Yabo Hills,” Liatu Aweh continues to share her faith and passion for music with a diverse audience. Her EP’s blend of languages and musical styles serves as a bridge between cultures, bringing people together in a celebration of praise and worship.

Abbey Ojomu – You Cover Me


Abbey Ojomu, a pioneering and anointed gospel music minister, has graced us with another powerful song and accompanying video titled “You Cover Me.” This song serves as a heartfelt expression of a soul longing for a deeper connection with God.

The lyrics of “You Cover Me” echo a passionate cry for God’s presence and protection. The song acknowledges God’s intimate knowledge of His creation, highlighting that He formed us from the womb and orchestrated every moment of our lives. It’s a declaration of God’s all-encompassing love and care, encapsulated in the lyrics “You cover me, You are not ashamed of me.”

Abbey’s lyrics beautifully capture the essence of divine assurance, drawing from scriptures that emphasize God’s foreknowledge of His children and His divine plan for their lives. The song’s message resonates with the profound truth that God’s love makes a way, serving as a source of hope and comfort for believers.

In Abbey’s words, “You Cover Me” is a reflection on how God knew us even before we were born, and He has destined us to be conformed to the likeness of His Son. This divine knowledge of us and our future led God to call us to Himself and transfer His perfect righteousness to us. The song celebrates this incredible journey of redemption and transformation.

The accompanying video for “You Cover Me” is directed by Ghm Production, providing a visual narrative that complements the song’s message. Through its heartfelt lyrics and moving visuals, “You Cover Me” invites listeners to embrace the unchanging love and protection of God, affirming His role as the ultimate source of hope and security.

Abbey Ojomu’s “You Cover Me” is more than just a song; it’s a soul-stirring prayer that connects listeners to the boundless love and care of their Heavenly Father.

Deborlah – You Are Good

Deborah Adebola Akinyemi, known by her stage name Deborlah, has made a triumphant return with her latest single titled “YOU ARE GOOD.” This song is a powerful testimony of God’s mighty work in her life and serves as an expression of her deep gratitude.

According to Deborlah, “You Are Good” is a revelation that stems from Psalm 40:2-3, capturing the essence of God’s deliverance in her life. The song encapsulates the transformation that Jesus brought about, turning the impossible and seemingly incurable situations around and changing her story. It showcases the goodness of God in the salvation of humanity, lifting people from the depths of sin to a position of sonship and authority, seated with Christ above all spiritual forces.

Deborlah, besides her music career, is also a gospel singer, songwriter, and teacher of God’s word. Her debut single “Olu-Orun” was released in 2021, followed by “I am Whole” and “JESUS” in 2022. With her strong foundation in the faith, she uses her music to share her personal experiences and encounters with God, inspiring others to trust in His goodness and faithfulness.

Outside of her music journey, Deborlah is a trained Physiotherapist and enjoys a happy marriage with her longtime friend of 23 years. The couple is blessed with four children. Deborlah is based in Asaba, Delta State, Nigeria.

Through “YOU ARE GOOD,” Deborlah continues to spread her message of hope, faith, and the transformative power of God’s love. This song is a testament to the unchanging goodness of God in the lives of believers, a message that resonates with listeners who have experienced His transformative touch.

Minister Afam – Inside Me


Gospel Music Minister and Worship leader, Minister Afam, has unveiled his latest creation titled “Inside Me.” This song is not just a musical piece; it’s a testament to the unshakable power of faith and the indomitable spirit that resides within every individual.

“Inside Me” goes beyond mere lyrics and melodies; it delves into the profound journey of personal struggles and triumphs. It beautifully captures the essence of facing challenges head-on, battling through difficulties, and emerging victorious—all while holding onto the unyielding belief that there’s a divine force guiding every step of the way.

The lyrics of “Inside Me” touch upon the battles confronted and conquered, all while finding strength and comfort in the unwavering conviction that a higher power, represented by the term “Yahweh,” is within us, making all things achievable.

The song is a declaration of the power of faith and the resilience that resides within each individual. It serves as an uplifting and inspiring reminder that people possess the strength to overcome any obstacle life presents because of the divine presence that resides within them.

“Inside Me” is set to be available on all major streaming platforms, offering listeners a chance to connect with its message of empowerment, hope, and unwavering faith. The song’s original composition and lyrics are attributed to Pure Streams. Through “Inside Me,” Minister Afam aims to inspire listeners to tap into the divine strength that dwells within them and to confidently face whatever challenges come their way.



Feyisayo Anjorin – Great Today


Nigerian multi-talented artist, Feyisayo Anjorin, has excitedly announced the launch of his latest creation, his 6th song and accompanying music video titled “Great Today.” Released on the 3rd of August, 2023, this masterpiece is a heartfelt tribute to the Nigerian church of the 70s and 80s, encapsulating the rich essence of fellowship that lies at the heart of Christian congregations.

Feyisayo Anjorin, known for his diverse talents as a songwriter, screenwriter, and author, has poured his creative energy into crafting “Great Today.” With AFDA training under his belt, he has expertly blended his artistic skills to bring this unique piece of work to life.

The song “Great Today” carries an air of nostalgia, serving as an ode to the vibrant Nigerian church culture of bygone decades. Feyisayo Anjorin’s lyrics and music pay homage to the atmosphere of worship and fellowship that once characterized these times. The song is a poignant reminder of the enduring impact of faith and community on the human spirit.

In collaboration with producer Muyiwa Olajide (Dacoustic), Feyisayo Anjorin has breathed life into “Great Today,” creating a musical experience that transcends time and resonates deeply with audiences. Furthermore, the accompanying music video, directed by Anjorin’s long-term creative partner Oba Kabiesi Ademola, complements the song’s essence and visualizes the nostalgia and reverence it embodies.

“Great Today” is now available for audiences to enjoy on various music platforms. It not only pays homage to the past but also invites listeners to reflect on the transformative power of faith and fellowship.


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