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Nonso Cityrock Eze – Tochukwu Ft. Nolly


Nonso CityRock Eze captivates audiences once again with the release of a special version of his hit song “Tochukwu” featuring the renowned gospel rapper Nolly.

This collaboration brings together two powerhouse talents in the industry to create a spiritual, transformative, emotionally charged musical experience.

Originally released ‘Tochukwu” resonated with listeners through its heartfelt lyrics and soulful melodies. The addition of Nolly’s unique style and lyrical prowess elevates the track to new heights, infusing it with a fresh energy and depth that is sure to leave a lasting impact on all who listen.

Nonso CityRock Eze, known for his ability to convey powerful messages through music, has once again showcased his talent for crafting songs that touch the heart and soul. With Nolly’s distinctive storytelling ability and dynamic delivery, the special version of “Tochukwu” promises to strike a chord with audiences on a profound level, transcending genres and connecting with listeners from all walks of life.

The collaboration between Nonso CityRock Eze and Nolly is a testament to their shared passion for creating music that inspires, uplifts, and unites. “Tochukwu” serves as a beacon of hope, thanksgiving and resilience in challenging times, offering a message of faith that is both timely and timeless.



Mr M & Revelation – E No Dey Ft. Ella Miracle


Marking their 11th wedding anniversary today, its a privilege to have our daughter Ella Miracle deliver a powerful worship ‘E No Dey’ conveying the incomparable nature of our God.

Ella has previously featured with Mr M & Revelation in the songs like My Helper in 2023 and You Are Yahweh in 2021.

Ella is a such a gift to watch out for. She embodies great vocals and anointing.

Ella pours out about the unfailing mercies of God in the new song.

Quotable lyrics
Oluwa, Oluwa the way you show me mercy e no dey anywhere at all.

Download & Watch Video



Oluwatoyin Adesemowo – Beginning And The End


UK-based music minister, songwriter and worship leader, Oluwatoyin Adesemowo presents her brand new single titled “Beginning And The End” available now on all music streaming platforms. The lyric video is available for viewing on her YouTube channel – Oluwatoyin Adesemowo.

In her words: “This song was inspired from the book of Revelations, enlightening the whole world that Jesus is the Beginning and the End. Everything we do starts and ends with Him. He sees it all, He knows it all! The beginning and the End. He charts the course of our life. There is absolutely nothing happening outside of Him.”

Oluwatoyin is a minstrel who truly enjoys worship as a lifestyle. She is happily married to Adefemi and they are blessed with two thriving children.

“Beginning And The End” was produced by award-winning music producer, Evans Ogboi for Simplicity Records, UK.


Helen Chris Moses – For Jesus


Helen Chris Moses, a renowned gospel artist currently signed to AMA Records, is proud to announce the release of her uplifting new single, “For Jesus.”

This latest addition to her discography is a heartfelt expression of her faith and a call to listeners to find hope and solace in their spiritual journey.

“With ‘For Jesus,’ I aim to connect with believers and non-believers alike, to share the message of Jesus’ love and sacrifice,” states Helen.

Her powerful vocals and the song’s moving lyrics are set to resonate deeply with audiences, reaffirming her status as a passionate voice in the gospel music scene.

Available now on all major music platforms, “For Jesus” is a testament to Helen Chris Moses’ talent and her unwavering commitment to her message.

Joshua Oyetunde – The Lord’s Prayer


Shortly after the release of Your Love in December 2023, Nigerian Christian music artist, singer and songwriter Joshua Oyetunde is out with his debut for 2024 titled ‘The Lords Prayer’.

Speaking about the song, he revealed that he was ministering to the Lord on the keyboard sometimes ago and the Lord’s Prayer became a song he was singing and right there he knew that was an anthem that is beyond an invitation to pray but a call to a prayer life, a relationship, selflessness, an awareness of the spiritual and utter dependence on God.

This song is a melodic version of The Lord’s Prayer as taught by Jesus and it’s a track off his soon to be released album ‘Out of the Pit’. Use the link below to download, stream as you pray and sing along.


Joy Ezeh – I am Healed


US-based female Nigerian gospel music singer, vocalist, recording artiste, and songwriter, Joy Ezeh releases a new single titled, “I am Healed,” produced by Wale Owoade.

The song from the Kano-born gospel singer is a testament to the boundless love and mercy of the Almighty God. She crafts anthems of deliverance and redemption, breathing life into the weary with her resounding voice.

Sharing her thoughts on the song, Joy says; “This is a song that truly reflects her unwavering faith and triumphant spirit.”

“I hope this song will help you bask in the radiance of God’s grace, igniting flames of revival and renewal in hearts across the globe.” – she concludes.

Joy Ezeh is indeed a conduit of divine destiny. Her music will forever echo the timeless truth, that there is power in the name of Jesus!



Tegaa – God of Creation Feat. Oche


After releasing a beautiful piece ‘Not Afraid’ Tegaa takes it a top-notch higher with an impeccable sound praise the greatness of God’s creation in her new work ‘God of Creation’

When we look at the breathtaking works of nature it’s most totally extraordinary . The richness of God’s hand work, the unimaginable designs and diversity of creation is a testament to the incomparable creator and designer of these wonders .

God’s thoughtfulness, creativity and beauty is encapsulated in this song.

Dance, worship and praise with God of Creation

God of Creation is produced by Theophany Adaji.


Mama Tee – it’s Gonna Be Alright Ft. Awipi And Emmanuel Dickson


Mama Tee, Emmanuel Awipi, and Emmanuel Dickson have collaborated to release their first single of the year, “It’s Gonna Be Alright.” The trio believes that the song is timely and a powerful reminder that no matter the challenges we face, Jesus is always in control. With God working everything out for our good, we can find hope and comfort even in the most difficult times. Let’s dance and give praise to God, for He always has our backs!

The song was written by the three of them in collaboration across three continents. It features Emmanuel Dickson on lead vocals, with Rume, Blossom, and Mynorchord on background vocals. Emmanuel Awipi also releases a word in the song, which wraps up with Mama Tee’s children (Deji and Tiwa), reminding us to have childlike faith that everything will be alright.

The music video was created by @yasin.enray (Instagram), and was produced by Emmanuel Awipi.

Special thanks to the grade 3 Students at Knox Christian School and to Jeffrey Noel for his patience and assistance with recording Deji and Tiwa.



Japheth Awesome Melody – OBA NI O


Nigerian gospel artist Japheth Awesome Melody delivers a powerful anthem of praise with his latest release, “Oba Ni O,” which translates to “You’re the King” in Yoruba. Released in March 2024, the song is a testament to Japheth’s musical talent and his passion for uplifting listeners.

“Oba Ni O” is a captivating blend of traditional African sounds and contemporary beats. This energetic mix creates an irresistible soundscape that will leave you wanting to move and praise along. The song is more than just catchy though – it’s a declaration of God’s sovereignty and majesty.

Whether you’re a fan of gospel music or simply appreciate uplifting and powerful music, “Oba Ni O” is a must-listen. You can find the song for free download on various digital platforms and watch the accompanying music video on YouTube.


Biola Praise – Celebrate Jesus

Renowned female Nigerian Gospel singer, songwriter, and songwriter, Biola Praise, releases a new single with well-written lyrics titled, “Celebrate Jesus.”

The latest single, fused with an infectious and upbeat instrumental, invites listeners to “rejoice and give praise to the one and only, Jesus Christ.”

Commenting on the song, Biola says; “It serves as a powerful reminder of the unending love and grace bestowed upon humanity.”


“It creates an atmosphere of jubilation and reverence, making it impossible to resist joining in the celebration.

The song promises to ignite hearts and inspire worshippers to dance in celebration of the miraculous works of the Savior. I encourage believers to celebrate the magnificence of Jesus, labeling him as both a wonderful and mighty God.” – she concludes.