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by Mercy Selina

Co-Pastor of Zion Heritage & Miracle Ministries Pastor Ifeoma Eze, also a contemporary gospel singer, songwriter and CEO of Heritage Records has given out her 10 albums released from 2011 – 2020 for free downloads.

She has written over 113 songs and released 10 musical albums. They are Phenomenon (2011), So Lifted (2012), Koinonia (2013), Behind The Scene (2016), You Are Powerful (2017), Lifted For Life (2018), PIELIC (2019) and River Flow (2019), Zion Voices Live in Concert (2020) & Made To Worship (2020) besides other singles.

Pastor Ifeoma Eze has today released these Power-Packed Albums to be a blessing to everyone.

You can follow the links below to download the zip file to the individual albums.


1. PHENOMENON (Released 2011)

1. Onye n’eme nma/Anana ndo feat. Bishop Okwudili Eze
2. It is my turn to Shine feat. Bossman
3. Lord you are faithful
4. Odighi ihe feat. Bishop Okwudili Eze
5. I know feat. Bishop Okwudili Eze
6. Happy Birthday feat. McDuno Family Singers

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2. SO LIFTED (Released 2012)

1. Arise and Shine feat. Zion Voices
2. Oji igwe ata atu feat. Zion Voices
3. I’m a Lifted Man feat. Zion Voices
4. Hope is Near
5. I Surrender feat. Zion Voices
6. I’ve Got a Heritage feat. Zion Voices
7. Lord, I Choose feat. Zion Voices
8. Yesterday’s Man feat. Tonell Avo & I go yarn
9. Changeless God feat. Zion Voices

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3. KOINONIA (Released 2013)

1. Touch Me
2. I Can See You
3. I lift My Hands
4. Just One Word
5. Lord, I believe
6. I call you
7. Lord, You are Faithful (Remix)
8. Oh Yes
9. I know
10. What God Cannot Do
11. There is Healing
12. Good Bye
13. Oh Lord, Use me.
14. We are One

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4. BEHIND THE SCENES (Release date 2016)

1. Chukwu oma mee
2. Mighty God (ft. Winner)
3. Behind the scenes
4. Oji-igwe-ata-atu
5. Hope is Near Remix (ft. JustPrince)
6. You’re the Greatest (ft. Richy Rich)
7. Holy Ghost May you flow
8. Very Very Good God (ft. Richy Rich)
9. The story
10. A Gift from God (ft. Bishop Okwudili Eze)
11. I am the King’s kid (Triple DCE)

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5. YOU ARE POWERFUL (Released 2017)

1. You Too Love Me feat. Teeblajjj &Mirark
2. Show Your Father
3. Hold Me Up feat. Mirark & Teeblajjj
4. Let us Arise
5. Enough for Me
6. You Are Powerful
7. Worship You For Life
8. Just For Me
9. Grateful
10. Imela
11. I Give You All
12. A King is Born (Feat. Triple DCE)

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6. LIFTED FOR LIFE (Released 2018)
1. Lifted for life
2. I will follow
3. That’s all I can say feat. Gabriel Obasi
4. Though it doesn’t make sense
5. Good to me
6. Ocean Divider feat. Winner
7. Majesty, we worship you
8. Take all the glory
9. I long for you
10. Come and answer me
11. You’ve turned my life around feat. Inem Bassey
12. Lay your hands on me feat. Mirark
13. God is the reason
14. Still I stand
15. I give you all (Remix)
16. Chukwuoma (Remix)

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7. RIVER FLOW (Released 2019)

1. All I need is You
2. Everything is Possible
3. Let The River Flow
4. You Alone
5. I have A Story
6. Hallelujah to The Most High
7. Yahweh is Your Name
8. We will Sing
9. Loving You
10. You Are God
11. I stand in awe
12. The Reason For The Pain
13. Good to me (Remix)
14. Perceive To Receive

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8. PIELIC ALBUM (Released 2019)

1. Let Your Fire Burn
2. You Are Good
3. Much Better
4. Lord, I Need You
5. If God Be For Me
6. My Love Is Real
7. Shout Your Praise

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1. Let The River Flow (live)
2. Lay your hands Medley
3. We Will Sing (live)
4. Enough for me Medley
5. Everything is Possible (live)
6. Very Good God Reggae Medley
7. You are God (live)
8. Shout Your Praise Medley

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10. MADE TO WORSHIP ALBUM (Released 2020)

1. You Are Called
2. The Atmosphere
3. The Valley Is Not Your Place
4. I Testify
5. Made To Worship
6. Sacrifice Of Praise
7. Jesus
8. Dependable God ft. Davy
9. All Sufficient One
10. Speaking Spirits ft. Sossh

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