Abimbola Soluade, a gospel music minister, has released a new worship single and live recording video titled “Made To Worship.” The song expresses the essence of our beings as vessels for worshipping God, emphasizing the need to give us all to honour the One who gave everything for us.

As the saying goes, we may have a thousand tongues, but it still wouldn’t be enough to sing God’s praises. However, “Made To Worship” by Abimbola Soluade is a beautiful song that highlights the importance of using every part of our lives to worship Jesus.

The live recording video captures the essence of the song, and listeners are sure to be inspired by its powerful message. The song encourages listeners to enjoy, sing along, and share its message with others.

Through her music, Abimbola Soluade aims to inspire and uplift listeners, leading them to a deeper connection with God through worship. “Made To Worship” is a beautiful addition to her body of work, and a testament to her dedication to spreading the Gospel through music.

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