Bolanle Oladejo aka ArkBeulah is God’s leading Lady proclaiming His Greatness, Goodness & Glory via Gospel Music, Prophetic Intercession & Dig4Gold Wordnuggets.
Ark-Beulah released her First E.P of 3 songs in 2015, followed by the single ‘Be Lifted High’ in 2018. In 2020 as inspired by the Holyspirit, she recorded Peace Be Still ahead of the Pandemic, little did she know God was preparing his children for what was ahead. ‘Peace Be Still’ served as an oasis of calm to many in the United Kingdom as well as globally during the COVID-19 outbreak & was formally launched in 2021.
In 2022, Ark-Beulah compiled ‘Peace Be Still’ and other Praise and Worship songs into the ‘Dance Of Gratitude Album’ of 7 songs. Each piece of music reflects, Spiritual worship, Assurance, Hope  Freedom and God’s love, proclaiming God’s Greatness in Special ways.

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