Austin Omozeje, a Music Minister based in Manchester, has recently unveiled his latest single titled “You Be God,” featuring The Blend.

“You Be God” is a powerful song that exalts the greatness and sovereignty of God. It acknowledges God as the creator of the universe, whose authority and power surpass all understanding. The song reflects on God’s unlimited resources and His ability to do whatever He pleases for whomever He chooses.

With its captivating melody and inspiring lyrics, “You Be God” serves as a reminder of God’s majesty and His unmatched position as the ruler of all things. It encourages listeners to place their trust in Him and acknowledge His supreme authority.

Austin Omozeje’s heartfelt vocals, combined with The Blend’s musical prowess, create a compelling musical experience that uplifts and inspires. The song is a testimony to the faithfulness and greatness of God, and it invites listeners to join in worship and adoration.

“You Be God” is a testament to Austin Omozeje’s passion for using music as a means to connect with God and bring His message of hope and love to others. Through this song, he aims to uplift and encourage individuals to recognize the grandeur of God and surrender to His divine will.

The single “You Be God” is now available for streaming on various music platforms, allowing listeners to experience the awe-inspiring presence of God through music.

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