Nigerian Worship Minister Blessing Jude-Okeke Unveils Soul-Stirring Single “You Love Me” Featuring Ovie Agbani

City, Country – [Date] – Renowned worship minister, singer, and songwriter, Blessing Jude-Okeke, affectionately known as MB, has blessed the world with her latest single, “You Love Me,” featuring the gifted vocalist Ovie Agbani. This soulful and heartwarming song is an expression of wonder and profound gratitude for God’s relentless love towards His children.

In “You Love Me,” Blessing Jude-Okeke captures the awe-inspiring nature of God’s love, a love that knows no boundaries and surpasses human comprehension. The song’s profound lyrics draw listeners into a place of introspection, marvelling at the magnitude of God’s love for humanity. With the heartfelt vocals of Ovie Agbani complementing Blessing’s angelic voice, “You Love Me” creates an atmosphere of worship and reverence.

Having discovered her passion for singing at an early age while serving in the children’s church choir, Blessing Jude-Okeke’s musical journey has been one of devotion and dedication. A graduate of Petroleum and Gas Engineering from the University of Lagos, Nigeria, she continued to pursue her love for worship arts, obtaining a Professional Education Certificate in Worship Arts from North Central University, USA, in 2019. She furthered her education, earning an MBA from the prestigious Nexford University in the United States of America.

With her four previous singles, “YHWH (Your Name),” “You’ve Done Me Well,” “Dis Kind God,” and “Show Yourself,” Blessing has already left an indelible mark on the hearts of her listeners. Currently serving in David’s Christian Centre Lagos, her passion for God shines through every note of her music, drawing souls closer to their Creator.

“You Love Me” is now available for streaming and download on all major digital music platforms. As we navigate life’s challenges, let this soul-stirring song remind us of the depth of God’s love and inspire us to live in awe of His grace.

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