Nigerian-born, US-based gospel music minister, songwriter, and devout worshipper, Damilola Anjorin, has released her sophomore single titled “Ever True.” This vibrant song is accompanied by a visually captivating and colourful music video and is part of her upcoming album titled “God of Grace.”

Speaking about the inspiration behind the song, Damilola shares that “Ever True” is a testimony of hope and praise. Drawing from the scripture in 1 John 5:20, she emphasizes the truth that Jesus Christ is the Son of God who has given us an understanding of the true God and eternal life. Through this song, she aims to restore hope in the hearts of listeners, encouraging them to praise their way into answered prayers and testimonies, knowing that God is faithful and true.

Damilola’s music is rooted in her personal encounters with God, which have inspired her to realize the awesomeness of God’s presence. She carries a deep reverence for God in her music, seeking to uplift the human spirit and draw people closer to Him. Her vision as a gospel artist is to deliver professional music that is spiritual, soulful, engaging, and meaningful to the listener.

With over 20 years of experience as a worship leader, Damilola started her professional musical career in 2019, and her passion for music shines through her songs. She sees music as an expression of life and worship as a means to experience God’s presence.

“Ever True” follows the success of her previous releases, including “Great I Am” (E tobi to), “Almighty,” and “Durotimi,” all of which will be featured on her upcoming album, “God of Grace.” These worship songs eloquently express God’s greatness and awesomeness when words fall short, allowing listeners to chant His numerous names, such as The Great I Am and Almighty One.

The accompanying music video for “Ever True” is beautifully shot and directed by Oluyinka Davids of iFocus Pictures, adding a visual dimension to the song’s message and enhancing the overall worship experience.

As Damilola Anjorin continues to share her music with the world, she aims to uplift hearts, inspire praise, and lead people to encounter the presence of God. “Ever True” is a testament to her devotion and the transformative power of worship in connecting with the true God.

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