Daniel Ojo has recently unveiled the remix of his debut Afrobeat Gospel Single, “Atofarati,” featuring the talented Folabi Nuel.

Have you ever experienced feelings of loneliness or found yourself in a state of deep despair? Have you ever wondered where God is in those moments? Do regrets, anxiety, or depression weigh heavily on your heart, leaving you questioning if there is hope for you? This song serves as a reminder that no matter what you may be going through, JESUS IS WITH YOU! He is right there, even in the midst of life’s storms. Even if you feel responsible for your circumstances, remember that God is merciful and kind. He has promised never to abandon or forsake you.

“Atofarati” stands as your advocate, reliable and trustworthy. He is loving, merciful, faithful, and kind. So rise up, be strong, and take courage! Cast off the dust of despair and let your smile shine. Sing this song with such fervor that the devil himself becomes confused!

WE ARE VICTORIOUS because Atofarati is by our side.

The original song was written and composed by Daniel Ojo, and the remix was co-written with Folabi Nuel.

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