“Christmas is a significant event; beyond the jubilation in the season lies the primary purpose of it – marking the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ the King of kings. Jesus is the saviour and joy to the world, and to many saved under His grace, His birth is worth the celebrations and euphoria of the season. Many are longing for a Christmas song with this message and more.

“For a while, I have been persuaded to sing a Christmas song that ‘vibes’ the meaning of Christmas with a melody. I also thought the song has to be danceable, lively and energetic, and one that should stand the test of time. Born out of this desire, I am pleased to release to the world The King Is Born– a contemporary Christmas melody that will regenerate season after season.

“The King Is Born” is groovy, danceable, and an irresistible tune. Just hear it play and you are on the dance floor feeling the presence of Christmas. Be blessed as you listen.” – Dr. John Mo

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