Nigerian gospel music minister, songwriter, and worship leader, Emeka Madubata, has released a brand new single and music video titled “Chineke I Di Nma,” featuring Uwana Etuk.

The Igbo-titled song, which translates to “God You Are Good” in English, is a heartfelt proclamation of God’s goodness. Emeka gives a fresh twist to a popular chorus that has been sung during praise and worship for many years, infusing it with newness and a deeper revelation of God’s goodness.

Emeka draws inspiration for the song from Psalm 103:8, emphasizing that God is good because He loves us and desires what’s best for us. His goodness is evident in His actions toward us, seen in the daily blessings and wonders of creation, such as the sunrise, rain, and blooming flowers.

“Chineke I Di Nma” adds to Emeka Madubata’s repertoire of inspiring works, including songs like “Holy, Holy Are You, Lord,” “Greater Is He,” “Thank You,” “Melody In My Heart,” and “Still The Same.”

The single is now available on all major digital music platforms, allowing listeners worldwide to experience the uplifting message and heartfelt worship conveyed through this soul-stirring song. The music video further enhances the song’s impact, providing a visual representation of the joy and gratitude expressed in the lyrics.

Emeka’s rendition of “Chineke I Di Nma” is sure to resonate with listeners, reminding them of God’s unending goodness and love. It is a powerful anthem of praise and worship, inviting all who hear it to join in exalting the name of the Lord for His marvellous deeds.

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