Get ready to be uplifted as Kosiano Records proudly presents the highly anticipated EP release from the talented Music Minister Winny Uche, titled ‘Sanctified.’ This remarkable collection of six soul-stirring tracks is one that would take listeners on a transformative musical journey like never before.

The six track EP is a deeply personal project that was birthed from a period of personal struggle in Winny Uche’s life. In the face of heartbreak and despair, following the loss of a child on her very own birthday, she found herself feeling lost and broken.
Yet, amidst the darkness, a divine intervention took place. The Holy Spirit gracefully guided Winny Uche and gifted her with these incredible songs as a reminder that God remains the ultimate source of strength and unwavering hope.
Each track on ‘Sanctified’ is a testament to Winny Uche’s own life journey, showing her resilience and unyielding faith. In each track, she shared her journey through the tough period & her gratitude to God for His unwavering presence in her life.
Join Winny Uche on this remarkable musical journey of healing, restoration, and triumph. ‘Sanctified’ will captivate your heart and soul, leaving you inspired, encouraged, and filled with the unshakeable belief that there is nothing God cannot do.

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