Australian-based gospel music minister, Estella Z Wonnah, is back with a new song titled “I’m Nothing.” This release follows her earlier song “Never Beg For Bread,” which came out in early 2023.

Min. Estella originally hails from the Western part of Africa, specifically Liberia. Currently based in Australia, she continues to use her musical talent to spread the message of hope and faith.

“I’m Nothing” is a soul-stirring song that reflects on the humility and surrender of the singer to God. It expresses the realization that without God, we are nothing, and our lives find meaning and purpose in His presence. The song’s heartfelt lyrics and emotive delivery showcase Estella’s deep connection with God and her desire to worship and praise Him.

As a devoted wife to Wonnah Sahn and a loving mother to four children, Estella draws inspiration from her family life and faith journey to craft meaningful and impactful songs. Her music serves as a testament to the goodness and faithfulness of God in her life.

With her Liberian roots and Australian residence, Estella’s music transcends borders and resonates with audiences across the globe. Her unique sound and powerful vocals create a worshipful atmosphere that draws listeners into an encounter with God.

“I’m Nothing” is now available on all major digital music platforms, allowing listeners from around the world to experience the powerful message and anointing in Estella Z Wonnah’s music. As you listen to “I’m Nothing,” may you be inspired to surrender your life to God and find hope and meaning in His presence.

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