There are 3 ways to enter through a door or gate as highlighted in the Scriptures. Isaiah 45:1-3. 1. To OPEN with the key. 2. To BREAK the door or gate. 3. To CUT the key lock or the bars of the gate. Every NATION has Spiritual Gates and Doors which have Gate Keepers and Watchmen. These Gate keepers and watchmen determines who goes in & or out of the Country. Therefore, to subdue a NATION, or to cross InterNATIONAL borders, the Gate Keepers and the Watchmen MUST FIRST BE APPEASED or SUBDUED. This is the reason why the Lord is calling on us all to raise a Spiritual Battle against the Strong Gate keepers and watchmen, who have denied US access to INTERNATIONAL platforms.
Come 1st October 2017 by 3:00pm prompt, the #BattleForTheNations# shall hold at 25 Onitsha Road, Kano, Nigeria.
Come with a bottle of water, because the Nations of the Earth are founded on the waters. Come along with the Flag of any country of your choice. You can also come along with your International Passport.
This meeting is for ALL who desire an INTERNATIONAL PLATFORM.
Jesus is Lord.

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