Faith Ode, an international gospel music minister, features Freeborn Strings in her recently released single titled Gięreba which means “let it shine”. She hails from Benin City, Edo state, and has been making waves in the gospel music industry with her soul-stirring lyrics and captivating performances.

Gięreba, which means “let it shine” is a powerful song that encourages believers to let their light shine brightly in a world filled with darkness. Faith Ode’s melodious voice effortlessly carries the message of hope and faith, reminding listeners of the importance of staying true to their calling and radiating God’s love.

Accompanied by the enchanting sounds of Freeborn Strings, a talented artist and multi instrumentalist, the song beautifully combines gospel and contemporary music elements, creating a captivating and uplifting musical experience.

This latest single from Faith Ode is a testament to her musical prowess and unwavering dedication to spreading the gospel through her music. As a testament to her talent, Gięreba has quickly gained popularity and is receiving praise and recognition from both local and international audiences.

Faith Ode’s journey as a gospel music minister continues to inspire many, and her commitment to shining the light of God’s love is truly commendable. By the grace of God, she had a couple of songs to her credit, such as… Obaniga, Ekponmwen Okponwense, Breakthrough Child, Unuagboneseye and more.

Gbęreba was produced by Freeborn Strings



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