Elijah Ugo, also known as Pastor Elijah Chiaka Ugonma, is a Nigerian gospel artist and preacher who has just released his latest body of work “A Living Testimony.” This album is a follow-up to his first album “With Jesus in Your Life,” which was released in 2012.

As a man of faith, Elijah’s journey with music started after he gave his life to Jesus in the year 2000. He describes his newfound singing abilities as one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, saying that Jesus coming into his life has completely changed him and made him a living testimony.

The new album “A Living Testimony” is comprised of eight uplifting tracks that will inspire and revive listeners’ passion for Jesus. Each track is a powerful reminder of the love of Jesus and the importance of praising him above all else.

In “I Have a Father,” the first track of the album, Elijah sings about the care and protection of our Heavenly Father. “None Like You” is a worship song to God, expressing that there is no one like him on all the earth. “Open Heaven for Me” is a cry for a divine visitation for those in distress, heartbroken, and in need of comfort.

In “Picked Me Up,” Elijah shares his story of how Jesus transformed his life from shame to honour, from rejection to global acceptance. “Started Making History” is a song of gratitude to Jesus, acknowledging that without him, his life would still be in darkness. “Biggy Biggy God” is a praise song, that invites listeners to dance and thank God for his blessings and joy.

“Heaven My Home” is a heavenly-inspired song that reminds us that this world is not our permanent place and that one day we will fly away to heaven. In “Have a Rethink,” Elijah encourages listeners to prioritize their souls over the material riches of this world and to return to God through Jesus, our saviour, for a beautiful and joyful life.

This album is available for streaming and purchasing on all major digital music stores and streaming services.



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