Funmi Unstoppable Releases New Single “The Lord’s Prayer”

International gospel music minister Funmi Unstoppable has released her new single, “The Lord’s Prayer.” The song is a soul-stirring rendition of the timeless prayer, and Unstoppable’s remarkable talent shines through in her beautiful delivery.

With a voice that resonates deep within the hearts of listeners, Unstoppable effortlessly captures the essence and significance of this sacred song. The powerful melody and captivating lyrics of “The Lord’s Prayer” promise to uplift and inspire the prayer life of all who listen.

Unstoppable is no stranger to success in the gospel music industry. She has released several albums and singles, and her music has been featured on major Christian radio stations around the world. With “The Lord’s Prayer,” Unstoppable is sure to solidify her status as an unstoppable force in uplifting souls through music.

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