Gospel musician and songwriter, Gospel Praise, has released his latest single, “I Declare,” to kick off the New Year. The new track is a powerful proclamation of freedom and triumph in Christ, urging listeners to embrace their identity as new creations and live a life of liberty and purpose.

The song features Gospel Praise’s signature sound, blending soulful melodies and compelling lyrics that showcase his deep passion for worship and love for God. It inspires listeners to affirm their freedom and victory in Christ and to live a life free from bondage and fear.

In “I Declare,” Gospel Praise sings: “I declare, I am a new creation born. I declare I am a child of God by birth. I declare I’ve got the victory in Christ, no longer bound, now I am free.” The song reminds us that we are no longer enslaved to sin in Christ, but we have been liberated to live a life of purpose and fulfilment.

The track’s instrumentation and vocals are exceptional, and the lyrics will resonate with anyone who has experienced the transforming power of God’s love. “I Declare” is a song of hope, encouragement, and inspiration, and is a must-listen for anyone who desires to live a life of freedom and victory in Christ.

With “I Declare,” Gospel Praise continues to solidify his position as one of our time’s most talented and passionate gospel artists. The song is available for download on all major music platforms.

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