Hannah Shaibu, a gospel music sensation, has delighted her fans with a brand new song titled “Thank You, Lord.” This heartfelt composition is a sincere expression of gratitude to God for His unfailing love and goodness in her life. With a heart full of thanksgiving, Hannah acknowledges the countless blessings and victories she has experienced throughout the years.

For Hannah, the song “Thank You Lord” is a reflection of her personal journey with God, where she has continuously experienced the truth of Exodus 14:14 – that the Lord fights for His children. Her life is filled with mind-blowing testimonies of God’s faithfulness, and she attributes every victory to His graciousness.

As a devoted believer and follower of Jesus, Hannah’s faith shines through her music, touching the hearts of listeners. Besides being a gifted singer, she is also a devoted mother, songwriter, and wife to George Shaibu, with whom she has been blessed with three amazing children.

With “Thank You, Lord,” Hannah Shaibu invites her audience to join her in celebrating the goodness of God and the wonders of His love. This song is a beautiful reminder of the power of gratitude and the profound impact of God’s grace in our lives. Through her music, Hannah continues to inspire and uplift those who listen, pointing them towards the source of all blessings – the Lord Himself.

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