Hanscad, a Nigerian songwriter, budding author, and creative, recently welcomed his newborn son, Oore-ofe Akomolafe, with the release of a heartwarming single titled “Fefe”. This debut into the music scene features passionate worship artist Tobi Osho and talented singer Faith Mac, who lent their soothing vocals to the moving track. The accompanying video is a touching tribute to the joys of fatherhood and the love-filled home that “Oore-ofe” will be welcomed into.


Hanscad revealed that his commitment to attending antenatal sessions played a pivotal role in inspiring his new song. Observing the dynamic movements and gradual growth of his unborn son fostered a deeply touching emotional bond within him. “Fefe” embodies the emotions of an expectant father, capturing the essence of love between a husband and wife and their child.


Hanscad, whose real name is Igbagbo Akomolafe, draws inspiration from all corners of life and is a passionate music enthusiast. He acknowledges God as his main source of inspiration and enjoys spending time with his family, trying out new meals, and analyzing top-rated movies. With a successful career in Operations and Treasury, Hanscad is a talented artist who has a bright future ahead of him.


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