Dubai-based Pastor and Music Evangelist, Ikenna Onyebuchi Okafor released a new single “Kileolese”.

‘’Kileolese” which means “What can’t You do” in Yoruba is a song to remind us that there is nothing God can not do. Inspired by the Bible verse Jeremiah 32:27; “Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh. Is there anything too hard for Me?’’

“God can heal all manner of sickness and diseases, no matter how far away we go from Him, He can still save our souls. He conquered death, hell and the grave and rose will all power in His hands. Do you want to live a life that counts? Do you want to live a life of meaning and significance? Do you need the creative touch of God upon your life? JESUS is the answer! A life without Jesus is a life of vanity, it is vain, useless and of no meaning. What makes a man’s life meaningful and truly beautiful is the life of Christ. If we say YES to JESUS, God can make a masterpiece out of life and fill it with good things”, Ikenna Onyebuchi Okafor said.

Ikenna Onyebuchi Okafor is a pastor-teacher, a writer, and a musical evangelist. He is the pastor of Christ Radiant Church, a non-denominational church in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Since songs are so impactful in how we learn, he takes great responsibility in selecting songs that teach his congregation biblical truth.

“Kileoleshe” is available on all streaming platforms;

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