Nigeria gospel singer Lilian Nneji has just released a new single titled ” E Get Why”
Speaking on this song, Lilian Nneji says, this song illustrates those many things God does for us out of his love and care which we ordinarily do not merit them
It is a song of Thanksgiving to God for the amazing and uncountable blessings he has daily deposited on us his children. Which of his blessings can we really count? None! His marvelous works upon the earth cannot be quantified.
We need to be extremely thankful to God because if not for his goodness over our lives many would have mocked us in one way or the other but his blessings and favour has been our shield all the way.
God loves us so much and it is expedient that we love him right back just as he has loved us. Oh give thanks to the Lord for he is good and his mercies endureth forever.psalms 136:1
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