Mama Tee, Awipi, and Rume have come together once again to bring forth “The Glory,” the sixth release from their live recording project.

According to Mama Tee, “The Glory” is a song that speaks to trusting God to deliver her from troubles. The song was written even before witnessing God’s intervention in the situation. She was led to write this song as an expression of praise for the battles God would fight on her behalf. Mama Tee testifies to God’s faithfulness, stating that He has done exactly what He promised. She stands today as a witness to encourage others to wait patiently for God’s fulfilment, knowing that He is trustworthy.

In crafting the song, Mama Tee drew inspiration from Psalm 91. The track features Emmanuel Awipi on the keys, adding his musical prowess to the composition, and Rume serves as the main vocalist, lending her powerful voice to the project.

“The Glory” captures the essence of faith, trust, and praise in the midst of challenging circumstances. It is a declaration of confidence in God’s ability to bring deliverance and victory. Through their collaboration, Mama Tee, Awipi, and Rume have created a robust musical offering that encourages listeners to hold steadfast to their faith and wait expectantly for God’s glorious manifestation.

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