Christo-Conscious Gospel Singer, Medlye has released a brand new single “Knocking”.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the song, Medlye said; It was in the place of deep thoughts about the ongoing mental health challenges growing vastly all over the globe, how people no longer believe in cooperative help (Love) but self-preservation which has led to suicide.

Knocking is a way of talking into the soul that pure LOVE still exists and is the only answer.

Medlye is also a songwriter, fashion designer, life coach, certified public speaker and promotional model. She is the President of Medlye Ministry A youth movement with the mandate to rebuild the broken bridge between childhood and adulthood, educating the youths on the morals and values of our faith and how to apply them in their day-to-day living through the mountains of EDUCATION, MEDIA, ART & ENTERTAINMENT.

“Knocking” reminds us that Christ’s love for the salvation of every living being from all kinds of death is still effective and accurate today and for eternity.

Hades is never home. Freedom has come.

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