Renowned Nigerian gospel artist, Mike Abdul, has recently unveiled his latest single titled “Angeli,” which is now available for streaming and downloading.

The song “Angeli” serves as a soul-stirring reminder of God’s unwavering faithfulness in upholding His covenant with His people. Through the lyrics, such as “I am a covenant God is keeping,” the song aims to inspire listeners to place their trust in God’s promises and have unwavering faith in His boundless love.

With “Angeli,” Mike Abdul utilizes his musical talents to uplift and motivate, creating a powerful and unforgettable composition that is certain to strike a chord with audiences. The captivating beat and rhythm of the song draw listeners in from the very first note, keeping them engaged until the very end.

Mike Abdul is well-known for his distinctive style of gospel music, which seamlessly blends African rhythms with contemporary sounds. Over the years, he has released numerous chart-topping hits, including “Morire,” “Korede,” and “Ori Ire.” With “Angeli,” Mike Abdul once again pushes the boundaries of gospel music in Nigeria and beyond, demonstrating his dedication to innovation and creative expression.

Listeners can now stream and download “Angeli” to experience the infectious beats, profound lyrics, and uplifting melodies that Mike Abdul has skillfully crafted. Get ready to be inspired and moved as you immerse yourself in this remarkable musical creation.

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