“E-Shock You” is a vibrant and upbeat track by Nigerian gospel artist, Mr Peculiar. Released in 2021, this song is a fusion of contemporary gospel music with afrobeats, creating a unique sound that’s both uplifting and energetic.

The lyrics of “E-Shock You” focus on the power and goodness of God, urging listeners to trust in Him and His ability to do the impossible. The song begins with a catchy chorus that declares, “Jesus, You dey e-shock me, e-shock me/Your power dey burst my brain, burst my brain.” This chorus sets the tone for the rest of the song, which goes on to describe the many ways that God’s power and grace have transformed the lives of those who believe in Him.

One of the standout features of “E-Shock You” is Mr Peculiar’s dynamic vocal performance. He effortlessly blends traditional gospel harmonies with afrobeats rhythms, creating a sound that’s both fresh and familiar. The instrumentation is equally impressive, featuring lively drums, horns, and keyboards that drive the song forward.

Overall, “E-Shock You” is a joyous celebration of faith and the transformative power of God. Its infectious energy and uplifting lyrics make it the perfect song to lift your spirits and fill your heart with hope and joy.


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