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Good afternoon everyone!
Welcome to yet another Tuesday of Music Traces!
I hope you’re having a great day, and you’re having a great time carrying out all your endeavors.
Music Traces still to hold Every Tuesday in the Month Of February!
The month is half-gone already!
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We’ll be talking about “Excellence Is A Chance”
The truth is every artist craves for a platform. But because we all don’t want to cheapen our crafts, by asking for those platforms, we pray and practice silently for the opportunities to come which is ideal to do.
The essence of rehearsals and practicing is to accumulate skill and flexibility, making your craft ready for a “showcase” of what have been secretly rehearsed and practiced.
The real essence of rehearsals is to display excellence. When you rehearse you want to increase you skill and make yourself ready for a future performance.
On last weeks edition, I said Excellence is not enjoyed or perceived by the artist, rather it is made for the audience. You don’t eat your cake and have it Literally.
Excellence is an accumulation of constant growth. To display Excellence, you need platforms, when you get these platforms, that is when you dish out what you have been practicing behind the scenes.
To Earn the tag “Excellent Performer” is one of the cravings of an artist. But this cannot be earned without investing time to navigate your performance needs.
Sometimes A single performance can earn you the excellent tag, but on the long run you’ll need a couple of excellent performances to grow and stay relevant in the industry, Both Locally and in diaspora.
In this month of February, All the discussions if you have following have been evolving around Constant Rehearsals, Excellence and Lasting Growth. This is because there’s a mindset every artist should have, either a start up or a veteran
On each performance, you don’t know who’s sitted in the crowd listening/Watching your performance.
It could just be someone who believes in your dream, ready to invest in your craft. That’s how often you should be ready to display Excellence when you perform.
Conclusively, It’s true Opportunities comes once in a long time, but think about the fact that you can create an opportunity for yourself by making yourself ready at any time you’re been called upon. On a Final Note, Rehearse to be Excellent!
What a great session we had today!
thank you for being part of todays session. It’s always a privilege for me to share great insights with you all.
Same time Next week we’ll talk about “A SPADE AND ITS SPACE”
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