Just Incase you missed last week edition of Music Traces don’t worry, a recap of “Heights Not Feets” Conversation  is just a click away.??
We’ll be talking about “Platform Begets Growth”
The journey to the top requires a lot of actions.
Growth is accumulative and for anyone whose work you admire today on any platform, have definitely been putting in a lot of work.
In our present day society, everyone thinks that you first of all get platforms to become great.
That’s why a couple of times people struggle on their way to the top.
You can’t plant a seed before you dig a hole.
Performing on platforms requires a lot of preparations and that is what leads to greatness.
Anyone who intends to be featured must first and foremost have a prepared mindset because rehearsing involves preparing your mind to Bless or Entertain People.
Today, We’ll be weighing up two key important Elements responsible for your growth:

  • Constant Rehearsals
  • Constant Exhibition

Do you get better by Constantly Rehearsing?
Or Do you get better by Constant Exhibition?
The effect of a rehearsal session goes beyond the performance on stage, but the accolades you get from the crowd is very temporal.
In preparation for an event, rehearsals helps you raise an edifice Of ideas especially if you’re to perform in an unusual event.
The importance of rehearsing constantly can not just be over emphasized.
Looking out for platforms is ok, but you’ve got to be ready! But have you thought of being ready without having anyone to perform in front of? That’s where #ConstantExhibition comes in.
Because all platforms requires being good at a level, You can’t get to these platforms without being good at a level.
You get platforms because of the skills you possess which is as a result of Constant Rehearsals – Practicing.
How often are you featured on events?
How often do you get invitations to perform?
Are you making the most of it?
Have you compared your performances?
All these and more paints a picture of how well your Rehearsals is paying off.
This is how you measure your growth.
Because you need platforms to grow doesn’t mean you should go about looking for platforms to perform. If you’re skillful, opportunities to perform on big platforms will definitely come knocking at different levels.
Nobody wants to see a flop on Stage!
Conclusively, One important thing to learn from today’s discussion is Rehearsals is a pathway to the top. But rehearsing without opportunities to perform is not greatness. It simply shows that your rehearsal sessions are still yet to pay off.
It was a great session today, thank you for being part of the maiden session of February Edition. It’s always a privilege for me to share great insights with you all.
Same time Next week we’ll talk about “Growth Begets Excellence”
Have An Excellent Week!


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